Friday, August 2, 2013

Growing Vegan Spirituality Movement: 4th Annual Retreat in Philly & New Meetup Groups

Thanks to everyone who attended and participated in our 4th Annual Vegan Spirituality Retreat on July 20th, 2013 in Philadelphia, PA! Yogis Derek Goodwin and Ximena Milagros Savtich engaged our bodies, minds and spirits with Jivamukti yoga. Dr. Will Tuttle inspired us all with his "Deep Veganism." During our Animal Blessing and Drum Circle, we created a vortex of vegan love and sent waves of compassion to all living beings across the stratosphere.

I'm very grateful to everyone for joining us as we start a movement to connect veganism and spirituality. After our Los Angeles Vegan Spirituality Meetup began in 2012, a Philadelphia, Vancouver, and Olympia Meetup followed suit in 2013. This growth is a very positive sign that more people are ready to embrace veganism as a spiritual path. If you want to be part of this movement and start your own local group, please contact me for guidance at

Below are some photos from our recent Philly Retreat featuring Dr. Will Tuttle:

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Vegan Spirituality Retreat in scenic Malibu with Dr. Will Tuttle

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Vegan Spirituality presented our 1st Annual Vegan Spirituality Retreat on the West Coast, “Exploring Veganism as a Spiritual Practice.” We welcomed World Peace Diet author Dr. Will Tuttle as our featured speaker. Participants enjoyed group discussions, guided meditation with Yogi Rich, yoga classes with vegan yogis Stephanie Winnard and Charlotte Cressey, Three Min Start to improve mood and release stress with Kundalini expert Mahankirn Kaur, a delicious raw vegan lunch catered by chef Stephanie Jaffe of Rawlicious Living, a nature walk, and an Animal Blessing with animal communicator Lori Spagna. Children and companion animals enjoyed the festivities!

We honored our companion animals and animals around the world through drumming and dancing in nature! The Ceremony offered opportunities to celebrate animal companions, honor those that have died, empathize with animals suffering around the world, and create a vision of harmony between humans and other animals.