Sunday, June 3, 2012

First Vegan Spirituality Meetup in LA!

We had our first Vegan Spirituality Meetup in Los Angeles yesterday. It was fun to meet other vegans and start the conversation about Vegan Spirituality! Nonvegans attended the potluck as well, which was an interesting challenge. The discussion shifted from defining Vegan Spirituality to defining the qualities of a good person. 
I find it challenging to define "good" in mixed company without offending anyone or compromising my beliefs. Our discussion soon became a debate that ended with the typical "agree to disagree." Although we never returned to our original topic of conversation, we ended on a positive note with a relaxing guided meditation.

To cultivate Vegan Spirituality, we need to begin with common values. From there, we can create a safe environment to explore the deeper meaning behind our ethical choices. We can identify the subtle nuances between our individual beliefs and establish a spiritual common ground. I look forward to these conversations at future VSG's and Retreats.

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